Published 3rd October 2023

Emma Doyle: ‘A very strange day on Capitol Hill’

‘A very strange day on Capitol Hill’ after Kevin McCarthy ousted as House Speaker

Former White House principal deputy chief of staff Emma Doyle says it has been a “very strange day on Capitol Hill” following the ousting of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Mr McCarthy had been removed from his job as House Speaker for the House of Representatives. Ms Doyle said this has been the first time “in US history” that this has ever happened.

“That a motion to vacate the chair has been brought to the floor and actually successfully passed,” Ms Doyle told Sky News Australia.

“It’s a very surreal day on Capitol Hill. “A lot of people are brushing up on procedure to see what happens next. “Until Republicans come up with a plan … it’s really unclear where the House goes from here.”

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