How we deliver.

We put the puzzle together with you.

The Bondi Group provides unrivaled experience navigating the critical intersection of policy, politics and the private sector. With teams in Washington, Los Angeles, Sydney, Canberra and London, we support businesses who want to grow across Australia, the U.S., U.K. and global markets.

The Bondi Group.

  • Strategic Advisory

    We serve as trusted advisors to C-Suite executives and Boards, drawing on our unrivaled insights, experience and networks to deliver a strategic edge over competition, inform major decisions and guide planning and operations.

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  • Advocacy

    The Bondi Group’s U.S. lobbying subsidiary, Pacific Partners, leverages a unique understanding of legislation, policy making and deep political networks in America and abroad to champion priorities, shape decision making, accelerate progress and manage risk.

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  • Transactions

    Bondi Partners provides C-Level deal flow and management support to help navigate complicated regulatory and geopolitical landscapes, assess opportunities and mitigate risk. 

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  • Investment

    With a focus on dual-use businesses and technologies, our 1941 Fund is uniquely positioned to invest in companies where Bondi Partners, together with Ellerston Capital, can identify and help leverage material value-add both in the U.S. and Australia.

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Our value proposition.

Opportunity and Risk Assessment

Intelligence and competitive analysis.

Client deep dive to embed partnership.

Identify regulatory opportunities and risks.

Strategy Development

Conceptualize and map pathways to market entry, expansion or M&A.

Optimize decision making based on strategic assessment.

Set short and long term goals to drive tangible outcomes.


Identify and engage impactful commercial and government partnerships.

Synthesize cut through messaging, build brand awareness and protect and boost reputation.

Manage and leverage opportunities and risks.


Embed with client C-Suite and Board.

Oversee and drive action and strategy implementation.

Provide high level insights to deliver immediate targets and forecast future opportunities.

Strategic advisory.

Drawing on our unique experience, insights and networks spanning the commercial and government sectors across the U.S., Australia and U.K., Bondi Partners serves as trusted advisors to C-Suite executives and Boards of ambitious and groundbreaking companies.

We stand side by side with our client partners to solve complex challenges and open up market opportunities by synthesizing their vision into cohesive and cut through strategies that deliver tangible outcomes.

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C-Suite and Board advisory.
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Market entry.
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Regulation navigation.
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Stakeholder strategies
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Strategic communications


Bondi Partners provides C-Level deal flow and management support to help navigate complicated regulatory and geopolitical landscapes.

Through our unique experience in government and industry, we leverage our expertise and deep networks to ensure clients have a tailored and targeted corporate campaign necessary to execute transactions, sensitive sales and growth strategies.

Bondi Partners also provides investment solutions for clients seeking to access capital and equity with partnerships ranging from private equity firms including our own 1941 Fund to global banks.

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C-Level mergers and acquisitions advisors.
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Deal navigation and flow.
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Identifying macro drivers.
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Asset analysis.
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Stakeholder engagement.