Published 21st December 2023

Emma Doyle on Trump’s Colorado disqualification

‘Out to get him’: Colorado disqualification ‘proving’ Donald Trump right

Sky News Australia | December 21, 2023

The decision to ban Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot by the Colorado Supreme Court could actually be helping the former president’s campaign because it appears to prove that forces are ‘out to get him’, according to White House former deputy chief of staff Emma Doyle.

“He keeps telling voters that someone is out to get him and that forces are moving against him and his voters,” Ms Doyle told Sky News Australia.

“When decisions like this come down, it certainly appears to those voters like he was correct.”

The former president’s disqualification is related to the January 6 Capitol Hill riots.

The ruling ended 4-3 and the decision has stayed until January 4, with appeals over the decision expected from Trump’s team.

Watch the interview at Sky News Australia

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