Published 14th March 2023

Nuclear submarine deal shows Australia will ‘do whatever it takes’ in order to defend the nation

Joe Hockey says AUKUS nuclear submarine deal shows Australia will 'do whatever it takes' in order to defend its nation

Sky News Australia | March 14, 2023

Former Ambassador to the United States Joe Hockey has declared the acquisition of eight nuclear-powered submarines shows Australia is prepared to do whatever it takes to defend itself amid China’s growing influence in the Pacific.

The details of the subs deal, which has been described as the most significant defence procurement in Australia’s history, were revealed on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stood alongside United States President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at a port in San Diego, California, to make the highly-anticipated announcement.

Mr Hockey told Sky News Australia host Laura Jayes on Tuesday what he believed the multibillion-dollar deal signified going forward.

“It means that anyone that wants to mess with Australia is going to get a bloody nose,” Mr Hockey said on AM Agenda. “The message out of this is we will spend whatever it takes and do whatever it takes, and have access to the best technology, in order to defend our families, our community and our nation.”


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