The Hon. Mrs Jeannie Lopes

Senior Advisor

Jeannie is a Senior Advisor to Bondi Partners based in London. She has deep networks across the politics and the private sector and possesses broad experience and a long and well-developed interest in bilateral relations between the UK and Australia, the Commonwealth broadly and, more recently, in the trilateral security pact, AUKUS.

Jeannie has a unique perspective on business, investments, education and culture across the three nations as a 7th-generation Tasmanian who has lived in the U.S. and in Sydney before she moved to U.K. in the 1990s to work for the BBC World Service.

In addition to her work at Bondi, Jeannie is the U.K. Ambassador for Advance Global Australians, leading Advance’s engagement in the U.K. and she also sits on the Board of Advance as well the Britain-Australia Society and the Australian Advisory Board of the Global Foundation.