Admiral Michael S. Rogers USN (Ret.)

Senior Advisor

Mike has held high ranking roles advising the leadership of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense and the intelligence community as well as their international counterparts in the conduct of cyber and intelligence activity across the globe. He helped develop national and international policy with respect to cyber, intelligence, privacy and technology – including extensive work with corporate leadership in the finance, IT, telecommunications and technology – and national security more broadly.

Mike’s 37 years of naval service culminated in his posting as Commander of U.S. Cyber Command and National Security Agency Director. Prior to his final duties he also served as Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Indo-Pacific Command, focusing on issues associated with China and the broader set of global security challenges.

As a Senior Advisor to Bondi Partners and a board member for multiple private sector companies, Mike leverages his experience for consulting and venture capital initiatives across the globe.