Published 9th November 2022

Candidate quality blamed for ‘red trickle’ in US mid term elections

AUDIO: Candidate quality blamed for 'red trickle' in US mid term elections

Australian Broadcasting Corporation | November 9, 2022

Votes in the US midterm elections are still being counted but the expected Republican ‘red wave’ didn’t eventuate, with some commentators describing it as more of a ‘red trickle’.

In the Senate, Democrats have picked up a key Pennsylvania Senate seat with three races still undecided: Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

Emma Doyle is the Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff in the administration of former President Donald Trump and she told ABC NewsRadio’s Thomas Oriti that “candidate quality definitely played a role” in the absence of the predicted red wave.

“I think it’s an important bellwether for the 2024 cycle that a Trump endorsement is no longer a guarantee of electoral success,” she said.

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